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4 Front Lower Ball Joint Front Sway Bar Link for 1995-1999 Dodge RAM 1500 4WD

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4 Front Lower Ball Joints Front Sway Bar Links For 95-99 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

This item includes:

2-K8195T 2-K7280
Make  <>Model  <>Year Range  <>Position  <>Drive Wheel  <>Engine Base  <>
ChevroletBlazer1991-1987Front Lower  
ChevroletBlazer1974-1969Front Lower4WD 
ChevroletK101986-1975Front Lower  
ChevroletK10 Pickup1974-1970Front Lower  
ChevroletK10 Suburban1986-1970Front Lower  
ChevroletK201986-1975Front Lower  
ChevroletK20 Pickup1974-1970Front Lower  
ChevroletK20 Suburban1986-1970Front Lower  
ChevroletK5 Blazer1986-1985Front Lower  
ChevroletK5 Blazer1984-1975Front Lower4WD 
ChevroletV101987Front Lower  
ChevroletV10 Suburban1988-1987Front Lower  
ChevroletV1500 Suburban1991-1989Front Lower  
ChevroletV201987Front Lower  
ChevroletV20 Suburban1988-1987Front Lower  
ChevroletV2500 Suburban1991-1989Front Lower  
DodgeRam 15001999-1994Front Lower4WD 
DodgeRam 25001999-1994Front Lower4WD 
DodgeRamcharger1993-1974Front Lower4WD 
DodgeRD2001980-1978Front Lower  
DodgeW1001989-1975Front Lower  
DodgeW100 Pickup1974-1972Front Lower  
DodgeW1501993-1977Front Lower  
DodgeW2001980-1975Front Lower  
DodgeW200 Pickup1974-1972Front Lower  
DodgeW2501993-1981Front Lower  
DodgeW3001980-1975Front Lower  
DodgeW300 Pickup1974-1972Front Lower  
DodgeW3501993-1981Front Lower  
FargoW100 Pickup1972Front Lower  
FargoW200 Pickup1972Front Lower  
FordBronco1996-1971Front Lower  
FordF-1001983-1981Front Lower  
FordF-1001982-1981Front LowerRWD 
FordF-1001976-1971Front Lower4WD 
FordF-1501996-1976Front Lower4WD 
FordF-1501986-1981Front LowerRWD 
FordF-1501983-1981Front Lower  
FordF-2501996-1974Front Lower4WD 
FordF-3501981-1980Front Lower4WD 
GMCJimmy1991-1985Front Lower  
GMCJimmy1984-1971Front Lower4WD 
GMCK151978-1975Front Lower  
GMCK15 Suburban1978-1975Front Lower  
GMCK15/K1500 Pickup1974-1970Front Lower  
GMCK15/K1500 Suburban1974-1970Front Lower  
GMCK15001986-1979Front Lower  
GMCK1500 Suburban1986-1979Front Lower  
GMCK251978-1975Front Lower  
GMCK25 Suburban1978-1975Front Lower  
GMCK25/K2500 Pickup1974-1970Front Lower  
GMCK25/K2500 Suburban1974-1970Front Lower  
GMCK25001986-1979Front Lower  
GMCK2500 Suburban1986-1979Front Lower  
GMCV15001987Front Lower  
GMCV1500 Suburban1991-1987Front Lower  
GMCV25001987Front Lower  
GMCV2500 Suburban1991-1987Front Lower  
International1001974Front Lower4WD 
International11101973-1971Front Lower4WD 
International12101973-1972Front Lower4WD 
International13101973-1972Front Lower4WD 
International1501975Front Lower4WD 
International2001975-1974Front Lower4WD 
InternationalScout II1980-1971Front Lower4WD 
InternationalTravelall1975Front Lower4WD 
JeepCherokee1983-1974Front Lower  
JeepCJ51983-1972Front Lower  
JeepCJ61975-1972Front Lower  
JeepCJ71986-1976Front Lower  
JeepCommando1973-1972Front Lower 3.8L L6 232cid
JeepCommando1973-1972Front Lower 4.2L L6 258cid
JeepCommando1973-1972Front Lower 4.2L L6 4228cc/258cid
JeepCommando1973-1972Front Lower 4.2L L6 4229cc/258cid
JeepCommando1973-1972Front Lower 5.0L V8 304cid
JeepCommando1973-1972Front Lower 5.0L V8 4982cc/304cid
JeepCommando1973-1972Front Lower 5.0L V8 4983cc/304cid
JeepGrand Wagoneer1991-1984Front Lower  
JeepJ101988-1974Front Lower  
JeepJ201988-1974Front Lower  
JeepScrambler1985-1981Front Lower  
JeepWagoneer1983-1974Front Lower  
PlymouthTrailduster1981-1974Front Lower4WD

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Manufacturer Part NumberK8195T,K7280
Interchange Part NumberK7280
Other Part Number14039008,3633950,3820873,3894976,52038665,