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Front Outer Steering Tie Rod fits Pontiac Chevrolet Impala Oldsmobile ES3453


New Front Outer Steering Tie Rod End Fits Pontiac Chevy Impala Oldsmobile ES3453  This item includes:  1 x Front Tie Rod End- ES3453YearMakeModelNotesPosition2011ChevroletImpalaWITH FE4 SUSPENSIONFront Outer2010ChevroletImpalaWITH FE4 SUSPENSIONFront Outer2009ChevroletImpalaWITH FE4 SUSPENSIONFront Outer2008ChevroletImpalaWITH FE4 SUSPENSIONFront Outer2007ChevroletImpalaWITH FE4 SUSPENSIONFront Outer2007ChevroletMonte CarloSSFront Outer2006ChevroletImpalaWITH FE4 SUSPENSIONFront Outer2006ChevroletMonte CarloSSFront Outer2005ChevroletImpalaWITH FE4 SUSPENSIONFront Outer2005ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer2005PontiacMontanaBASEFront Outer2004ChevroletImpalaWITH FE4 SUSPENSIONFront Outer2004ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer2004OldsmobileSilhouetteALL TYPESFront Outer2004PontiacMontanaALL TYPESFront Outer2003ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer2003OldsmobileSilhouetteALL TYPESFront Outer2003PontiacGrand PrixALL TYPESFront Outer2003PontiacMontanaALL TYPESFront Outer2002ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer2002OldsmobileSilhouetteALL TYPESFront Outer2002PontiacGrand PrixALL TYPESFront Outer2002PontiacMontanaALL TYPESFront Outer2001ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer2001OldsmobileSilhouetteALL TYPESFront Outer2001PontiacGrand PrixALL TYPESFront Outer2001PontiacMontanaALL TYPESFront Outer2000ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer2000OldsmobileSilhouetteALL TYPESFront Outer2000PontiacGrand PrixALL TYPESFront Outer2000PontiacMontanaALL TYPESFront Outer1999ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer1999OldsmobileSilhouetteALL TYPESFront Outer1999PontiacGrand PrixALL TYPESFront Outer1999PontiacMontanaALL TYPESFront Outer1999PontiacTrans SportALL TYPESFront Outer1998ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer1998OldsmobileSilhouetteALL TYPESFront Outer1998PontiacGrand PrixALL TYPESFront Outer1998PontiacTrans SportALL TYPESFront Outer1997ChevroletVentureALL TYPESFront Outer1997OldsmobileSilhouetteALL TYPESFront Outer1997PontiacGrand PrixALL TYPESFront Outer1997PontiacTrans SportALL TYPESFront OuterBuyer Information· Compatibility chart notes: It is very important to check the comparability notes for an exact fit. You can always contact us to make sure it is the exact fitment. · Grease fittings: Some parts come with grease fittings other may come factory sealed, this does not affect the performance or quality of the parts. All grease able parts come with the required mounting hardware to maintain them. · Bushing Color: Bushings may vary in color this does not affect the performance or quality of the part. · Tracking info: In less than 24 hours you will receive an email with all shipment details and tracking.  Shipments· Orders are boxed and shipped within 12-24 business hours of you placing your order.· All orders placed before 12pm (EST) will be shipped the same business day. Orders made after 12pm (EST) will be shipped the following business day.    Orders received Friday after 12pm, Saturday, and Sunday are shipped on Monday.· Pickups are available for FL residents.· International orders and orders to PR, HI, AK, and US territories may pay shipping charges. Buyer pays for international custom fees and taxes if any.Easy Returns· You can send your order back within 30 days of receipt. All we ask is you send it back in the same condition it was received. New, uninstalled, and in the original packaging.· Please email us to open a return case and issue you a R.R number.Warranty· 5 years warranty.· Email us to request a warranty authorization number.· You must provide us with the PayPal transaction ID and the receipt for the installation of a certified mechanic.· Buyer is responsible for shipping in and out from our warehouse.Please visit our store page to learn more about our policies.By purchasing this item customer agrees to all our terms and conditions on our store policy page.Don't forget to visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and follow Tom on his adventures.
Manufacturer Part NumberTVA-ES3453
Interchange Part NumberES3453
Other Part NumberES3453,TXES3453,MES3453,DM15.43453,26045836